Top Data Science Resources on the Internet right now

I have been looking to create this list for a while now. There are many people on quora who ask me how I started in the data science field. And so I wanted to create this reference. To be frank, when I first started learning it all looked very utopian and out of the world. The Andrew Ng course felt like black magic. And it still doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Basics Of Linear Regression

Today we will look into the basics of linear regression. Here we go : Contents Simple Linear Regression (SLR) Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Assumptions 1. Simple Linear Regression Regression is the process of building a relationship between a dependent variable and set of independent variables. Linear Regression restricts this relationship to be linear in terms of coefficients. In SLR, we consider only one independent variable. Example: The Waist Circumference – Adipose Tissue data Studies have shown that individuals with excess Adipose tissue (AT) in the abdominal region have a higher risk of cardio-vascular diseases

Top advice for a Data Scientist

A data scientist needs to be Critical and always on a lookout of something that misses others. So here are some advices that one can include in day to day data science work to be better at their work: 1. Beware of the Clean Data Syndrome You need to ask yourself questions even before you start working on the data. Does this data make sense? Falsely assuming that the data is clean could lead you towards wrong Hypotheses.

Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Scientists

As a data scientist I believe that a lot of work has to be done before Classification/Regression/Clustering methods are applied to the data you get. The data which may be messy, unwieldy and big. So here are the list of algorithms that helps a data scientist to make better models using the data they have: 1. Sampling Algorithms. In case you want to work with a sample of data.

Things to see while buying a Mutual Fund

This is a post which deviates from my pattern fo blogs that I have wrote till now but I found that Finance also uses up a lot of Statistics. So it won’t be a far cry to put this on my blog here. I recently started investing in Mutual funds so thought of rersearching the area before going all in. Here is the result of some of my research.

Pandas For All - Some Basic Pandas Functions

It has been quite a few days I have been working with Pandas and apparently I feel I have gotten quite good at it. (Quite a Braggard I know) So thought about adding a post about Pandas usage here. I intend to make this post quite practical and since I find the pandas syntax quite self explanatory, I won’t be explaining much of the codes. Just the use cases and the code to achieve them.

Deploying ML Apps using Python and Flask- Learning about Flask

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog. So thought about giving everyone a treat this time. Or so I think it is. Recently I was thinking about a way to deploy all these machine learning models I create in python. I searched through the web but couldn’t find anything nice and easy. Then I fell upon this book by Sebastian Rashcka and I knew that it was what I was looking for.