About Me

I’m a Machine Learning Engineer based in London, where I am currently working with Roku .

Previously, I have worked at coglomerates like Facebook(Meta), Walmart, and Citi. I Started this blog with a purpose to augment my own understanding about new things while helping others learn about them. I also write for publications on Medium and on HackerNoon

As Feynman said: “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t reduce it to the freshman level. That means we don’t really understand it”

Development tools

Personally I am tool agnostic. I like learning new tools and constantly work to add up new skills as I face new problems that cannot be accomplished with my current set of techniques. But the tools that get most of my work done currently are Python, Hadoop and Spark.

I also really like working with data intensive problems and am constantly in search for new ideas to work on.

Contact Me

Get in touch if you’re in London and would like to grab coffee together. We can talk about tech, data, startups or new opportunities. We’ll both probably learn something new in the process, and that’s fun.

Apart from that if you have any ideas or suggestions Contact me at : [email protected], leave a comment or holler me up on LinkedIn or twitter .


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