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The story of every distribution - Discrete Distributions

Distributions play an important role in the life of every Statistician. I coming from a non-statistic background am not so well versed in these and keep forgetting about the properties of these famous distributions. That is why I chose to write my own understanding in an intuitive way to keep ...

Top Data Science Resources on the Internet right now

I have been looking to create this list for a while now. There are many people on quora who ask me how I started in the data science field. And so I wanted to create this reference.

To be frank, when I first started learning it all looked very utopian ...

Top advice for a Data Scientist

A data scientist needs to be Critical and always on a lookout of something that misses others. So here are some advices that one can include in day to day data science work to be better at their work:

1. Beware of the Clean Data Syndrome

You need to ask ...