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Data Science 101 : Playing with Scraping in Python

This is a simple illustration of using Pattern Module to scrape web data using Python. We will be scraping the data from imdb for the top TV Series along with their ratings

We will be using this link for this: ...

Download CS109 Lectures using RTMPDump

Right Now I am working on CS109 from Harvard. It is a great course but its not easy to download, that is if you dont have this script. :)

PS: You will have to install rtmpdump in your machine for this to work

In [34]:
import requests
from pattern import web ...



Recently I was working on the Criteo Advertising Competition on Kaggle. The competition was a classification problem which basically involved predicting the click through rates based on several features provided in the train data. Seeing the size of the data (11 GB Train), I felt that going with ...

Learning pyspark – Installation – Part 1

This is part one of a learning series of pyspark, which is a python binding to the spark program written in Scala.

The installation is pretty simple. These steps were done on Mac OS Mavericks but should work for Linux too. Here are the steps for the installation:

1. Download ...