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Free Coursera Courses for Learners in India

Free Coursera Courses for Learners in India

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how to become a data Scientist using some awesome resources from Coursera .

But just recently I came to know from Coursera that they have floated few of there courses for learners in India in these trying times for free and I couldn’t stop myself to rave about them in this post. If you are excited go take a look at them yourself here

Or you can carry on and below are some of the good Courses you can do for Free on Coursera. So what’s stopping you now?

1. Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

This course is made for beginners. The description says: “This course will teach you how to program in Scratch, an easy to use visual programming language. More importantly, it will introduce you to the fundamental principles of computing and it will help you think like a software engineer.” For some people it might provide a start.

2. Version Control with Git

Git is a pretty important concept to have in your toolbox. I still get confused about git merges/branches and other stuff. Based on Course description which states: “In this course, you will not learn everything there is to know about Git, but you will build a strong conceptual understanding of the technology, and afterward will be able to confidently dig deeper on any topic that interests you.”, I am pretty sure this will help you understand Git much better.

3. Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course)

Not a Data Science or ML Course perse but what’s the problem with having a little fun and dabble hands with some new tech. The sdescription says : “In this project-centered course*, you’ll design, build, and distribute your own unique application for the Android mobile platform.” and it just sounds so cool!

4. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

In one of my previous posts I talked about the influence of GCP and AWS and the role they play in a ML engineer’s life. With this free course you can have a basic understanding of GCP. As per the description: “This accelerated 6-hour course with labs introduces AWS professionals to the core capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the four technology pillars: networking, compute, storage, and database”. What more is there to ask?

5. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning

AWS users don’t fret as this one focusses on ML with AWS. As per description from course page: “This course will teach you how to get started with AWS Machine Learning. Key topics include: Machine Learning on AWS, Computer Vision on AWS, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) on AWS.” Pretty Nice.

There seems to be a lot of other courses that can pique your interest. If you are excited go take a look at them yourself here Also nnotice that you can avail this discount only till 30 June so get started while the fun lasts.

Hope this Helped! I am going to be writing more beginner-friendly posts in the future too. Follow me up at [Medium](https://mlwhiz.medium.com/?source=post_page or Subscribe to my blog to be informed about them.

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