Top 5 Cities for Data Scientists to Thrive In

Top 5 Cities for Data Scientists to Thrive In

Technological developments have paved the way for new niche industries, where professions like data science have appeared.

Data scientists have the knowledge and expertise to perform the work that data analysts do, and then some. They analyze and interpret complex data sets of varying structures, and are able to solve obscure problems with codes, models, and machine-learning algorithms.

As you can see in our post ‘How did I Learn Data Science?’, there are many steps to be taken if you want to be a specialist in the field.

From learning the basics of probability and statistics, to learning Data Science in Python to create your own work, Machine Learning, Spark, Linux Shell, Inferential Statistics, NLP, and algorithms––aspiring data scientists must train themselves, whether through online programs and tutorials or through local classes with established mentors.

The language of data science is universal, and the field is gaining traction across the globe. Information Week notes there has been an 8% increase in data science job searches from 2017 to 2019, and actual job postings grew by 55%. A lot of professionals spend years learning their trade, and many of them even have master’s degrees, at the very least.

However, Citizen Data Scientists have emerged as well. These people incorporate their own expertise and unique abilities to analytics tasks, as their primary job function is external to the field of analytics. They are said to serve complementary roles to traditional data scientists.

When collaboration between the two occurs, skills diversify and consolidated knowledge is used for analyses that have been successful. Currently, there are over 2 million students studying the data science courses on learning platform Udemy, with the beginner courses being taken nearly 100,000 times. Nowadays, learning is made possible anywhere. Data science is clearly a booming industry, with many countries having taken a huge interest in the field as businesses continue to expand.

Now is the time for data scientists to shine. And here are some of the top cities for them to thrive in:

1. Bengaluru, India

India is projected to have the biggest world economy as an area often targeted for outsourcing––including tech.

Bengaluru has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of India, as it has the best analytics market in the country.

Foreign tech firms have likewise been hosted in this city. It’s become a hub for technological advancements, AI labs, and both tech startups and giants who have contributed significantly to the growing sector. People have flocked to Bengaluru because of its cost of living as well, making it even more ideal for graduates just starting out.

2. Dublin, Ireland

As Europe’s newest cloud gateway, it houses server farms for big names like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. This is what draws the cream of the crop in terms of data scientists to Dublin. The average income of the top data scientists in the country is roughly $100,000, which is three times the average salary in Ireland. Despite these facts, the National Analytics Maturity Study found that companies are struggling to find competent people to fill in data science and analysis jobs. This dilemma may continue to increase as more companies incorporate data-related jobs in the coming years. Now may be the best time to consider Dublin, if you need a bit of a change.

3. Lexington Park, Maryland, The United States

Lexington Park hosts a high number of tech jobs, with almost a fourth of the city being employed in the STEM field. Therefore, it has the highest median STEM wage in the entire country, with most employees earning six figures.

Over 2,500 data science jobs are found in the city, and the area has more data science jobs per thousand, in contrast to any other place in the US.

4. London, United Kingdom

London is known as the world’s hub for AI and FinTech. The UK government is highly invested in this field and has participated in a £1 billion deal together with 50 tech-involved businesses worldwide. While in part this comes from its dwindling economy and the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit deal, it continues to offer some of the highest paying and most reputable jobs in the field. They often host events related to the industry, such as the Deep Learning Summit, Strata Data Conference, and ODSC’s European Conference. It also houses the Alan Turing Institute-the national institute of data science and AI.

5. Singapore, Singapore

Standing at number 6 in the list of the world’s Smart Cities, Singapore has seen all kinds of developments in self-driving vehicles, AI, and IT. Like the UK, it receives strong government backing in the form of investments for city infrastructure, which makes use of advanced technology. Many tech startups, giants, and VCs have viewed the city as the place to be in Southeast Asia.

For anyone who’s interested in beginning a career in data science and is in need of some helpful guides, check out the MLWHiz Archive

Post written by: Oliver Williams

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