Turning data into insights

Top Data Science Resources on the Internet right now

I have been looking to create this list for a while now. There are many people on quora who ask me how I started in the data science field. And so I wanted to create this reference.

To be frank, when I first started learning it all looked very utopian ...

Top advice for a Data Scientist

A data scientist needs to be Critical and always on a lookout of something that misses others. So here are some advices that one can include in day to day data science work to be better at their work:

1. Beware of the Clean Data Syndrome

You need to ask ...

Download CS109 Lectures using RTMPDump

Right Now I am working on CS109 from Harvard. It is a great course but its not easy to download, that is if you dont have this script. :)

PS: You will have to install rtmpdump in your machine for this to work

In [34]:
import requests
from pattern import web ...

Learning pyspark – Installation – Part 1

This is part one of a learning series of pyspark, which is a python binding to the spark program written in Scala.

The installation is pretty simple. These steps were done on Mac OS Mavericks but should work for Linux too. Here are the steps for the installation:

1. Download ...